light grey cassette, released w/GoTape

The new album of ANKYLYM recorded in 2016-1018. Due to this extremely long time some unexpected things happened, like the bass player having broken her arm so that her husband have had to play bass guitar on one song. One more lineup change is the absence of electronic devices by Beloff, who is represented only by the lyrics of Beloff's Riddle. Other lyrics include pieces from old Russian literature, Aeschylus, russian thief Vanka Kain, a book about skoptsy etc. Unlike on the previous album, whose lyrics are completely made up of citations, now some astonishingly long original texts are written by the singer of the band. Despite all efforts, the album still lasts less than 31 minute. And the climax of the album is undoubtedly the genuine mating calls of pool frogs (Pelophylax lessonae) recorded by R.A.Pavlov in Mseiz, Akmanuse in Summer 2017.

АНКЫЛЫМ "Vodonta" АНКЫЛЫМ "Vodonta"