Stop Asking Stupid Questions

First recording of SASQ was made by R.A.Pavlov in 2000 using a cheap half-broken Soviet reel tape recorder which was able to produce static/harsh noise sound. This was released in Germany by Scrotum Records with the help of Russian noise act Monopolka. More recordings then followed exploiting the same concept of getting harsh sound just using old and overloaded equipment, without any special effects. Later recordings presented also instrumental noisecore with cans, drum machine, radio samples, pure harsh noise with lots of usual pedal effects and more. They were released on Stauropygial Records (Russia), Perineum (Lithuania), Smell The Stench (Australia), Swamp Of Pus (USA) etc. The project didn't have live performances until 2009. In 2010 SASQ was playing live on tour with GOOSLI NOISE in Ljubljana, Venice and Rome. Thereafter SASQ has been concentrated mostly on live harsh noise performances, occasionally using distorted vocals and samples. In 2013 SASQ started performing with DIY electronic instruments (see photos below). Besides St. Petersburg, gigs have taken place in Chiang Mai and Bangkok (Thailand) and Aarhus (Denmark).