noise gig at KAKAKA March, 29 - 2008
monopolka+r.a.pavlov live paris (cut)
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Includes famous Mudenoise videos at Bugry, of which one is already prohibited by Youtube administration. See links to some of the videos below.
Gopher video archive
WARNING: these video files are available only via gopher. If you don't know how to use gopher read about it here: (Russian) (English). If you still don't know how to use gopher the best solution is to apply for a hard copy.
Allah Akbars @ Ruskomplekt
Горящие трубы / Burning Pipes @ Ruskomplekt
Горькие пьяницы @ Ruskomplekt
Жабий Срам @ Ruskomplekt
Фантастическая Жаба @ Ruskomplekt (Dec 2012)
Old soviet analogue synth covered with blood
ANKYLYM @ Volosovo (first acoustic gig ever)
Фантастическая Жаба @ Ruskomplekt (Apr 2013)
ANKYLYM (acoustic) live @ Ruskomplekt (part 1)
ANKYLYM (acoustic) live @ Ruskomplekt (part 2)