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This list includes only items currently available; for the list of all releases ever check out this page.

------------------------------------------------------------------------ THE STAUROPYGIAL RECORDS CATALOGUE (Mostly tapes unless other noted. See prices at the end.) AVAILABLE RELEASES XIV ANKYLYM "Instrumenty" (modern reprint copies with original covers are available) XV ZLOJ POP "Strufion/Zvukovye dorogi (The Soundroads)" (MC, stereo poetic guitar ambient, re-release of original tape by Uhogorlonoise Rec.) XVIII SEISM / R.A.PAVLOV (cassette, noise/ambient, duplicated copies with original covers) XXII VIALKA "Curiosities of Popular Customs" (duplicated copies of the original tape with original covers available again!) XXXI POK. GIHT SHASIE MEETS TORTURED BY TURTLES (Lithuanian instrumental grind vs Croatian avantgarde grind, duplicated copies with original covers only) XXXVI THE TRAVEL FROM ST. PETERSBURG TO PSKOV (and back; field recordings; tape) XXXVII MURDER JUNKIES (cassette, lo-fi industrial noise) XXXIX R.A.PAVLOV "Iankaikkinen Kohmelo" (cassette, alcoholic solo guitar album) XL R.A.PAVLOV "Obyvatelsky Byt" (cassette, home routine noise) XLVI ITÄNAAPURIMME MÖLYORKESTERI OSA 1 (feat. R!D!V! + ALISA-YHTYE, cassette 60 min., lo-fi home noise - available upon request) XLVII PEOPLE WHO CAN'T NOISE / THE MAN WHO CAN FEEDBACK (60 min. tape, lo-fi home/improvisation noise) XLIX STOP ASKING STUPID QUESTIONS / TAKASHI OHKAWA (40 min. tape, harsh noise from Pskov and Holland - available upon request) L PAVLOV/AVRORIN "In A Mood" (modern copies with original covers only) LI BALALAIKA NOISE III (cassette, noise on balalaika) LVI GOOSLEE NOISE "Velikaja Kosmicheskaja Pchelka" (cassette, 4 noise concerts) LVII GOOSLI NOISE "Live in Athens" (3" shrink wrapped CDR, available again, 5 copies left) LX Rarities/Unreleased/B-Sides Vol.1 "A FAREWELL TO TEETH" (90 min. tape, teeth scratching) LXII FANTASTIČESKAJA ŽABA / PISSDEADS (split tape, noisecore, last copies) LXIV MERRY BREAD / HUREN AQUARIUM Split #2 (noise, split tape) LXVI Rarities/Unreleased/B-Sides Vol.2 "HAPPY TUNES FROM THE NOVIO VAULTS" (60 min. tape, w/KYSHTYM 23, VYBRO PRESLEYS, RUSSKY RUB etc., some artists are unknown) LXXII ANKYLYM "Otcy Myasa" cassette (2007) - re-released in 2015. Alko folk slaughter classics. Updated cover and sticker. LXXIII ANKYLYM "Smrt" (2015 album, cassette) LXXV FANTASTIČESKAJA ŽABA (FANTASTIC TOAD) "The Last Concert In The Hero City Of Leningrad" (cassette, 5 unreleased recordings, 40 copies) LXXVI MARS-96 "live at griboedov club 05-12-2014" (cassette, available in different colours) LXXVII v/a EXTREME MUSIC FROM SARATOV (rare scene document from southern russia, noise, lo-fi, poetry, pornogrind) LXXVIII ITÄNAAPURIMME MÖLYORKESTERI Vol. 2: Santeri Telkkänen (harsh noise from Saratov) LXXIX ALEXANDER GOGOLEV "Crank Strugeon приехать не сможет/Ночь на Волге..." (noise from Saratov) LXXX ANKYLYM "Smrt" 45rpm 12" LP (2015) Black - 700R/10$ LXXXI ZLOJ POP "Lapka pechereshija" (tape, new EP 2015! 5 songs, 4 min. 300RUR) LXXXII PISSDEADS "spit" (tape, noisecore/improvisation) LXXXIII GALKINA/AVRORIN/DMITRIEV "Ferbuary 2016" (cassette, self made instruments improvisation, last copy left) LXXXIV GALKINA/AVRORIN/DMITRIEV/LIS "May '16" (cassette, improvisation, last copy left) LXXXV GOOSLEY NOISE "Live in Sarajevo and other weird Places" (4 live bootlegs from 2010 European tour, cassette, ask for availability) LXXXVI STOP ASKING STUPID QUESTIONS "Bootlegs" (5 live bootlegs from 2010-2014, cassette) LXXXVII SELENGE MAKANGILA/VOKALDUCK/GRA s/t (unreleased Monopolka recording from early 2000s, original covers, now with Post-Materialization Music and Gus' Records) XCI ANKYLYM "Chronicles" (92 min. tape, unique home recordings and first gigs from 1990-ies, last copies, 250RUR) XCII ANKYLYM "Vodonta" (2016-2018 new album, 250RUR/5$/4EUR - temporarily unavailable) XCIII BLACK VOMIT "Tape promo" (free jazz, Svinokop members) XCIV CRAZY DOBERMAN/BLACK VOMIT "split tape" (free jazz, SPB/USA) XCV RAIA "Bely strakh i krasny shum" (re-edition of the 2006 tape of a French avantgarde punk band - 300RUR/5$) XCVI FANTASTIČESKAJA ŽABA (FANTASTIC TOAD) "Prudy bezumija" (noisecore, 300RUR/4EUR, recorded in 2012) XCVII AVRORIN/JUNKMEAT "Son Kisel I" (tape, 300RUR/4EUR/5$) XCVIII AVRORIN/JUNKMEAT "Son Kisel II" (tape, 300RUR/4EUR/5$) XCIV EINE STUNDE MERZBAUTEN "Dr. Zhivage from Kopisty" (tape, improvisation w/saxophone by Radek Kopel of Napalmed, 250RUR) DISTRIBUTION AND RELEASES OF PREVIOUS LABELS BIG DARK "Smoker" (blues, Chickpea Records, tape) BUER s/t (cassette, Frozen Darkness) G. AVRORIN "Вахтёр" (musique concrete recorded at work as a janitor, tape) G. AVRORIN "Грапе" (cassette, very cheap production) GX JUPITTER-LARSEN "fire25/fire26" (K7, Post-Materialization Music) COURTIS & THE SOVIET SEX MACHINES (re-release of the Monopolka 60 tape by Post-Materialization Music) CLUB SOUND WITCHES "Hashram" (2016 K7, Post-Materialization Music, electronics) SMEGMA s/t (Post-Materialization Music cassette) LISICHKIN HLEB "Smysl zhizni" (existential post punk, cassette, 150RUR) POON "Risti" (tape by Trash Can Dance (Estonia), lo-fi/improvisation) REVERSE MOUTH "Black Trance" (noise from Greece) ZLOJ POP "Korovij Shum (The Cow Noise)" (early ambient and acoustic works of SPb experimental band) CD(R) ANKYLYM "Vodonta" (Pro-printed CD by NoBread, 2018, 200RUR) ANTITUDE s/t (CDR by Smell The Stench, Croatian punk classics) AORTAORTA "Violent Meditation Tour Edition" (Finnish rock, CDR) ARACHNOPHOBIA ASYLUM "Room 101" (CDR, noise, Zvukovina) BARNEY GUMBLE "Tour CD" (old school hc Slovakia, CDR) BESTIAL VOMIT/BUKÖWSKI/GRIND BASTARDS (CDR, grindcore/noisecore from Italia/Brazil and Argentina) BIOLOGICAL TERROR / EGO DEATH (cdr) BONES RATTLE "ego death's remixes" (russian+greek noise, CDR by Smell the Stench) BRUTAL TERRORISM (CDR, Japanese power violence, hardly playing, 50RUR, free with other order) CAT & BONE s/t (cdr) CHARLIE MEGIRA & THE MODERN DANCE CLUB "Love Police" (CDR, Israeli surf, problems with playing, 50RUR) CIRCUIT WOUND "Corrosive Landscape" (USA noise, Japanese label, CDR) CISFINITUM "Only Culpable Killtime" (CDR by Monopolka with booklet) CUDDLE MACHINES "Civil Defense Sessions" (demo EP, CDR, NYC punk/hc) CUMSOCK / EGO DEATH "Fight till you die" (cdr) CYBER_CHRIST "Forzeeland" (CDR, electronic from Pyatigorsk) D. SUBBOTIN "Воображение бытия" (cdr by Yaitsekletka, lo-fi, envelope cover) DAILY LIFE SUCKS "The Last Six Minutes Of Your Life" (CDR, Hungarian grindcore) DISLOCATION "out of memory" (CDR by SOI tapes, Japanese improvisation w/saxophone) E330 s/t (hungarian hc/crust, 2004, CDR, 1.30EUR) ED GEIN "Noisehorror" (raw grind/noisecore, CDR, Spain - 50RUR) EGO DEATH/NOYZBOYZ (split noise/industrial freaks cdr by People=Shit Produkt) EGO DEATH/CAT'N'BONE "Bald split" (CDR, DVD box) EGO DEATH/CRNICH (glitch, Zvukovina CDR) FIGURATIVE THEATRE / SEBASTIAN CRNICH (CDR, electronics, Zvukovina) GNOM I SNEGOVIK "GIS v GEZ" (live, CDR, improvisation) GOLDEN DEAD "Suicine" (ambient, CDR, Smell The Stench) GRUUTHAAGY "Panonian Witchkraft" (CDR, Magic Militia, ambient) GRUUTHAAGY "Two lessons in art of chaos" (CDR, Smell The Stench/Gruuthaagy) GRUUTHAAGY "Suicide frequencies" (CDR, minimalist ambient instrumental rock, Croatia, released by Smell the Stench) HARAKIRI666/BEETLE JUICE FRUKT/ANARCHOWHISTLE/CHAIN FLAIL DEBARKER/STRUP/TYDISH (6 way noise/grind split CDR, Mu-hu-hu records) HENTAI "Sonic Rapist" (dark electronics, CDR, Deserted Factory) IMMURED "Promo 2002" (crust, Germany) JEŽIŠOVI PIVO NELEJ "niektorí spasitelia sú všetci rovnakí" (Slovak street punk, CDR) KENJI SIRATORI/MANOS MICHAELIDES s/t (3" CDR, spoken word/poetry/noise background) K2 "Ha-ga-ne" (CD, japanoise classics, Triangle/Cerosene) KILLING FIELDS "Gigantrix Extinction" (CD, metal from Thailand) KOMATOZ "Why cant anybody see" (CD, famous russian punk/hc band) LEEVI LAUNIS "Laulajan Laki" (CD, Finnish alko rock singer) LOS KIKES (HA-YEHUDONIM) s/t (CD, Israeli raw surf-punk) LOVE CULT s/t (some obscure CDR from this Karelian based band) LÄMANT "пиздец" (CDR, Belarussian art-crust) LÄMANT "Снежинка" (CDR, Belarussian art-crust) MACRONYMPHA "Studio95" (CD, Triangle/Cerosene/Outcry, 2013 reissue) MIKE LOVE 666/NOYZ BOYZ (split CDR, noise, UK/Belarus) MUSICPRODUCT "Iduzduz [live in Japan]" (CDR, future BOROVIK ERALASH) NAUTICAL ALMANAC "Something" (experimental noise presumably from Italy, CDR) NOISE NOVOSIBIRSK INSTITUTE "Reriya" (CDR, mostly unreadable, free with other order) OHNE 1 (body noise by D.Philips & D.Loewenbruck's band, some copied CDR) POSTHUMAN WORM "Sex Bot Mantra" (digital grind from Brazil, Sukk Prods, Turkey, DVD box, cdr) ПОТЕРЯННАЯ ГОРЛА (CDR, Zvukovina, HNW collab of Neven Smrznik and Alexander Kibanov) PERMANENT TRIP "demo" (CDR, US hardcore, playing issues, free with other order) PISSDEADS "Popster: five years of decaying madness" (CDR, classics of russian noisecore) PPP "Suicid!n!roll" (a project of STRUP, Belarussian noise, CDR) PROSPEKT69 "Судный день" (CD, streetpunk/hc) REDMARK "demo" (CDR, one-man punk band from USA, slightly damaged, 50RUR, free with other order) v/a SOUND CONSTRUCTION AHEAD (Electronic music compilation from Petrozavodsk, CDR, pro cover) SEB WAY "Mistrel" (Circumanalis Records CD, post-rock/lo-fi/sludge) - 150RUR SELYMES VIRAGSZIROM "brain development disorder" (harsh noise, CDR, Zvukovina) v/a SOMBRE FRACTURE (CD, French electronics) v/a HAVOC "The first 15 years" 2006 Record Sampler (CD, hc/crust, USA label compilation) SUCKS! "Love me tender..." (CDR, some obscure Spanish PE released by Smell The Stench) SWALLY OR SPIT s/t (punk/hc/ska CD, Germany, 100RUR) TEMPLE TEXAS / JED WHITAKER s/t (3" CDR, improvisation/electronics, Zvukovina) TETSU ARREY (CDR, Japanese hc, disk is hardly readable, 50RUR, free with other order) THIRD I "Postindustrial Times" (electronics, CDR, Zvukovina) UGLOED s/t (CD, for some reason 2 copies in 1 digipack, hardcore, 200RUR) UNIBROM "Zabota gosudarstva" (a project of STRUP, Belarussian noise, CDR) VINCENT KOREMAN / STOMPIFIER "dark throne/dark room" (CDR, noise/electronics) v/a FFUD FEST 4 (Slovak punk/hs festival compilation, CDR - 50RUR) THY GRAVE s/t (Russian sludgecore, CD, 100RUR) IN SOME DISMALS/SETE STAR SEPT/MURDER/SELF IMMOLATION (CD, crust/hc/noisecore from russia/Ukraine/Japan, 150RUR) SERGEI ANUFRIEV I NEIZVESTNOST "kto skazal chto vy prosnulis?" (CDR, ambient electronic with texts read, large format) SPLÄG "Fall/Rise" (CDR 4 tracks EP, US power violence, w/booklet, no label) RTUT' "техника молодёжи" (CD, Softunderground, 2007) SMRZNIK/DEAD BODY COLLECTION (printed CDR in DVD box, HNW from Bosnia/Serbia, released by Vomit Bucket in Germany) SOME ASIAN FEMALES BODYBUILDERS "Touyoujin" (noise, 3xCDR by Smell The Stench) THE BRAINDRILLERS "We are Ramones from Hell" (CDR, some kind of thrash metal from Togliatti) THIRD I "Biomachina" (CDR, Circumanalis Records, electronics from ex-Jugoslavia) TOTALITARIAN MUSICAL SECT "Warm Things Vol. 1, Live in GES21" (free improvisation, CDR) LOCO_MOTIVE "Orthodoxing the Heterodox" (CDR, Finland, electronic/ambient) ΜΕΤΡΟΝΟMOΣ "download" (printed CDR, member of Strup) UNIT AUF/EGO DEATH "Real Men Won't Rape" (CDR, noise) VENEREAL MESSIAH "Engraved in Gore" (cdr, digital grind metal, pro cover) VIR' "Horna" (CD, sludge/noise from Moscow) VIR' "Nizhniy Les" (CDR, sludge/noise legend from Moscow) v/a "HEAR/SHARE" (CDR, Bulgarian electronics compilation) v/a VATICAN ANALOG "show the love" (noise/electronics compilation, Netherlands, CD, 1EUR) v/a FOLK WAR (Fuck The Bastards broadcast sessions) (DIY pirate radio from Barcelona compilation, acoustic and noise) v/a VS (CDR, electronic/ambient from Thailand) WARCRY "When comes the end?" (hc, pro-printed CD released in Brazil) - 150RUR ๛ (KOMOOTRA) "Perpetual Screech" (CDR, DVD box with a candle and aromatic stick, noise from Thailand) [C.T.D.] "Sixth Harsh Work (Spherical Noise System)" (CDR in DVD box, Serbian HNW) [C.T.D.] "Neutron Star" (CDR, Zvukovina, noise/electronics) TAISKAYA POP-ZVEZDA s/t (pop, Tuanola Distro Label) 7" VINYL ROLLING STONES s/t (Soviet edition, artwork in Russian, used) THE BEATLES/SILVER BANGLES (Serebrjanye Blaslety) (Bulgarian edition, artwork in Russian and Bulgarian, the second band is Bulgarian rock, used) ALLA PUGACHEVA s/t (Soviet variety star, used) VLADIMIR VYSSOTSKY (five 7" Soviet EP's with different songs, used) CLEAN BOYS (Danish punk/noise, new red vinyl) HIROSHI HASEGAWA/POSITIVE ADJUSTMENTS "Hit the white lights" (Japanese etc. noise) v/a A STOMPIN PARTY WITH 6 ROCKIN' BANDS FROM NEW ENGLAND (Chickpea Records, USA, garage) SEVEN OF NINE/KAMIENSKI/PETER PETER FALK/SCHTERN/HONK FOR MASS/ECOUTE LA MERDE (hc/crust/noisecore/noise, France) THE OTHERMEN (NYC garage, Chickpea Records) 12" VINYL BLACK SABBATH "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath" (SNC Records, USSR, used) BOB DYLAN "Slow Train" (Russian release by Joint Evangelic Luther Church, used) PAUL MCCARTHEY "Flowers In The Dirt" (Soviet release 1989, used) DAVID BOWIE "Starman" (Soviet release 1989, used) ROLLING STONES "Play With Fire" (Soviet release 1988, used) LED ZEPPELIN "Staiway To Heaven" (Soviet release 1988, used) MIDNIGHT OIL "Blue sky mining" (Czech release 1990, used) GARY MOORE "G-Force" (SNC Records, USSR, used) ZINES PADDINGTON #8 (192 pages, pro-printed, issued by Monopolka, CD included!) - 350RUR BOOKS in Russian R.A.Pavlov "Фебель тряпиц" (second edition, with tortoise-russian dictionary) - 100RUR R.A.Pavlov "Состав СССР" (in Georgian letters) - 50RUR R.A.Pavlov "Путешествия" (Travels) - 350RUR OTHER Plastic boxes for 3" CD's - 15RUR/0,5$ Prices: Cassettes: 200 RUR/3$ some recycled tapes and old releases, including modern reprints with original covers. 250 RUR/4$ latest tape releases (home and factory copied), unless other price mentioned. 300 RUR/5$ items marked as available upon request Releases XCVII+XCVIII together = 500RUR/6EUR/7$ CDR (copied cover): 100 RUR/2$ unless other mentioned. CDR (pro-printed cover): 150 RUR/3$ unless other mentioned. Pro-printed CDs: 250 RUR/4$ unless other mentioned. E-card CDR: 150 RUR/2$. Used vinyl: 7" - 200RUR/2$ 10-12" - 300RUR/3$ Unused vinyl: 7" - 400RUR/5$ 10" - 800RUR/10$ 12" - 1000RUR/11$ Books by R.A.Pavlov can be free with some other order. Prices in EUR are the same as in USD.