Tour dates

Balalaika Noise was extremely popular in distant regions of so-called Russia (like Karelia) for performing in native languages of extincting inhabitants thereof (mastered by R.A.Pavlov due to his experience in comparative linguistics) along with using balalaika for accompaniment. Closed since 24.02.2022. I recommend listening to Georgian balalaika instead. Goosli Noise came even closer to the original (poskonny) Russian noise using even more ancient instrument - goosli - to create more bloodcurdling harsh noise destruction chaos! Closed since 24.02.2022. Stop Asking Stupid Questions performs with unique homemade and antique instruments.

Please contact us if you can organize gigs for Stop Asking Stupid Questions, Ankylym or other Stauropygial projects in your country.

Current tour and concert dates:

  • No gigs are currently planned


Tour wishlist:

  1. Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg
  2. Italy, Vaticano, San-Marino, Monaco, Liechtenstein
  3. საქართველო
  4. Armenia
  5. Japan
  6. USA
  7. Island - Greenland - Canada
  8. Antarctic
  9. No concert offers from russia please