This list includes only Stauropygial Records releases. We also distribute production of other labels. For the full list of them see the full catalogue.
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IV  ANKYLYM 1998/2000


The first album, funny noisy hardcore with futuristic style lyrics mostly about modern transport technologies. Also includes the year 2000 EP. Copied cover with lyrics in Russian.

ANKYLYM  1998/2000

III  ANKYLYM "9 1/2 minut"

3" CDR

Experimental punk with some exotic and folk instruments like vargan, horn or a crimped hose and ska/hardcore elements. The mini cd is packed in an envelope with northern national ornaments. No longer available. If you're really interested in this EP - it's included in ANKYLYM 1998-2000 tape.

II  ANKYLYM "Ketchup or 29 1/2 minutes"

cassette, CDR

The full version of the 2001 year demo plus one studio track recorded in 2002. There are no additional tracks on the CDR version, be careful! Most of the stuff is released on the album "Instruments" so listening to this tape is not recommended. To prevent it from unwanted listening it can be sealed in an impenetrable box. No longer distributed. Ask for new Ankylym material, like Instruments album (Stauropygial XIV) or better acoustic releases.


harsh noise, 30 min. x 2, cassette

Harsh / static noise, the first release by Stauropygial records, sold out and then re-released as a split tape with BAD PHENG SHUI (Stauropygial VI). Unfortunately the source tape is damaged and this SASQ issue cannot be longer copied but maybe you can ask from some other distributors like Arma of Perineum Productions (Lithuania) or Baris from AMA distro (Turkey). The Cover Artwork includeth Text in Tok Pisin.


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