This list includes only Stauropygial Records releases. We also distribute production of other labels. For the full list of them see the full catalogue.
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XCIX  EINE STUNDE MERZBAUTEN "Dr. Zhivage from Kopisty"

by Radek Kopel of Napalmed

Eine Stunde Merzbauten is one of the countless aliases of the legendary Czech noise artist Radek Kopel of Napalmed. A 30 minutes long improvisation with hand-made synths and a saxophone. 19 copies, part in transparent, part in golden boxes. I wanted to make it look trash, yet the result is still too much fine looking, despite the quality of the photos used in the artwork. An imitation of pad printing with children's toy rubber stamps. Eco-friendly violet cassette of recycled plastic.

EINE STUNDE MERZBAUTEN "Dr. Zhivage from Kopisty" EINE STUNDE MERZBAUTEN "Dr. Zhivage from Kopisty"


2-я кассета из двух

See the description of the previous release. This is the second part of the same recording.



1-я кассета из двух

I have been reflecting long on whether this constitutes two releases or one, but the desire to reach the total number of 100 releases faster induced to design them finally separately, so this one is the first tape of the two that capture an improvisation of Grigory Avrorin and Kolya Hruzt, recorded by Anton Kissel in 2018 and viscid like the russian dish with the same name kissel. The first cover printed using our own risograph. Each tape's print run is 14 copies, of which more than a half is already given away or sold (for 300 roubles for a tape or 500 for both together).



36 manually numbered cassettes

An opus magnum in a sense and an outcome of the noisecore period of the existence of the band, a truly painstakingly crafted album, aged in the archives for 9 years, having been recorded presumably yet in the Fall of 2012 at Lennauchfilm on a portastudio, with 4 channels: drums, bass, voice and macbook (keyboard). To my mind, this is one of the best FZH sets with extremely powerful rhythm section's riffs, amazing and enchanting MacBook sound comes like from a fairytale, cries by Daria Vorujubivaeva (side A) reaching truly inhuman heights, while yelling of Grigory Avrorin (side B) makes the listener feel the real insanity. Some 3 years after the session I finally finished a decent mix and brought it to Avrorin to listen to, in whose tape player it was immediately jammed in the most exciting place. For some more years I had painstakingly tried to restore the same mix to a new tape, but in vain; so that finally that very jammed tape was used as a master for duplication, as can be heard in the beginning of the first side. For some more years the cover has been prepared, initially planned to be printed on a risograph at Efremov's (Post Materialists), who had been deprived of his factory and all possessions at some meoment, so that I had to buy a new risograph, to discover finally that the cover wasn't really suitable for it; as a result we still offer risography services. Total print run of 36 copies, numbered by hand with ab unprecedentedly labour-intensive way.


XCV  RAIA "Белый страх и красный шум" (2nd edition)

two-colour cassette and cover. Length: 66 min. 35 copies.

Having started working for a capitalist corporation more than a year ago, I have almost abandoned releasing tapes. For no way is possible any combination of work and art. Only at the cost of Titanic effort and undescribable mental and physical suffering I have managed to finish this one release within more than half a year. And even this was possible only due to the fact that there's nothing much new in it. It's a new limited edition of a tape of a French punk band from 2006 (see XXIV), designed a bit differently: the first edition has hardly run out in more than 10 years: for the customers were obviously confused by the non-standard cover, without a box: so I had to add box. Besides, I wanted to simplify the logic of bending the cover, which prevented me from making many copies at once: but it has resulted in even more complicated one. Finally, I got a chance to implement the tape itself in the band's traditional colours - which was the initial reason of launching the whole thing. I have forgot to update the contacts: do not try to write to the French addresses. The first time in the history of Stauropygial Records the price is as high as 300 roubles - as a revenge to those who did not want to get the first edition.

RAIA "Белый страх и красный шум" (2nd edition) RAIA "Белый страх и красный шум" (2nd edition)


split tape, released with Post-Materialization Music

Two free jazz improvisation bands from St. Petersburg and USA. Manually painted cassette, 65 copies, pro-printed hard cover.



second hand cassette, different background colours, released w/Post-Materialization Music

The first session of the weirdest St. Petersburg free improvisation band, announced as long ago as Fall 2017, is finally available on tape. Members of SVINOKOP. Released with Post-Materialists.

BLACK VOMIT "Tape promo" BLACK VOMIT "Tape promo"


light grey cassette, released w/GoTape

The new album of ANKYLYM recorded in 2016-1018. Due to this extremely long time some unexpected things happened, like the bass player having broken her arm so that her husband have had to play bass guitar on one song. One more lineup change is the absence of electronic devices by Beloff, who is represented only by the lyrics of Beloff's Riddle. Other lyrics include pieces from old Russian literature, Aeschylus, russian thief Vanka Kain, a book about skoptsy etc. Unlike on the previous album, whose lyrics are completely made up of citations, now some astonishingly long original texts are written by the singer of the band. Despite all efforts, the album still lasts less than 31 minute. And the climax of the album is undoubtedly the genuine mating calls of pool frogs (Pelophylax lessonae) recorded by R.A.Pavlov in Mseiz, Akmanuse in Summer 2017.

АНКЫЛЫМ "Vodonta" АНКЫЛЫМ "Vodonta"

XCI  АНКЫЛЫМ "Хроники"

released w/NoBread Rec. B/w typographic cover, b/w stickers, 92 min.

A compilation of early recordings of ANKYLYM (1997-2002) and some of its members (1994-1997). First approximately 60 minutes of the 92 minutes long tape are prepared and mixed personally by the band's singer throughout the years; the rest of the time is filled with recently discovered recordings, previously considered lost. Some pieces of the singer's side projects (R!D!V!, SPUNDT, FCKN MIX) are included, as well as early proto-Ankylym band KROLIK ROGER. Most of the tracks copied from old low quality tapes. Honestly, this tape is a bit hard for perception.

АНКЫЛЫМ "Хроники"


light gray cassette, manually decorated

According to G.Avrorin, the album features nocturnal session in a subway with accidental participation of rare pedestrians and intentional one of highway traffic at the border of suburbs.


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