This list includes only Stauropygial Records releases. We also distribute production of other labels. For the full list of them see the full catalogue.
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split tape, released with Post-Materialization Music

Two free jazz improvisation bands from St. Petersburg and USA. Manually painted cassette, 65 copies, pro-printed hard cover.



second hand cassette, different background colours, released w/Post-Materialization Music

The first session of the weirdest St. Petersburg free jazz band, announced as long ago as Fall 2017, is finally available on tape. Members of SVINOKOP. Released with Post-Materialists.

BLACK VOMIT "Tape promo" BLACK VOMIT "Tape promo"


light grey cassette, released w/GoTape

The new album of ANKYLYM recorded in 2016-1018. Due to this extremely long time some unexpected things happened, like the bass player having broken her arm so that her husband have had to play bass guitar on one song. One more lineup change is the absence of electronic devices by Beloff, who is represented only by the lyrics of Beloff's Riddle. Other lyrics include pieces from old Russian literature, Aeschylus, russian thief Vanka Kain, a book about skoptsy etc. Unlike on the previous album, whose lyrics are completely made up of citations, now some astonishingly long original texts are written by the singer of the band. Despite all efforts, the album still lasts less than 31 minute. And the climax of the album is undoubtedly the genuine mating calls of pool frogs (Pelophylax lessonae) recorded by R.A.Pavlov in Mseiz, Akmanuse in Summer 2017.

АНКЫЛЫМ "Vodonta" АНКЫЛЫМ "Vodonta"

XCI  АНКЫЛЫМ "Хроники"

released w/NoBread Rec. B/w typographic cover, b/w stickers, 92 min.

A compilation of early recordings of ANKYLYM (1997-2002) and some of its members (1994-1997). First approximately 60 minutes of the 92 minutes long tape are prepared and mixed personally by the band's singer throughout the years; the rest of the time is filled with recently discovered recordings, previously considered lost. Some pieces of the singer's side projects (R!D!V!, SPUNDT, FCKN MIX) are included, as well as early proto-Ankylym band KROLIK ROGER. Most of the tracks copied from old low quality tapes. Honestly, this tape is a bit hard for perception.

АНКЫЛЫМ "Хроники"


light gray cassette, manually decorated

According to G.Avrorin, the album features nocturnal session in a subway with accidental participation of rare pedestrians and intentional one of highway traffic at the border of suburbs.


LXXXIX  ФАНТАСТИЧЕСКАЯ ЖАБА "Кровавый квадрат"/EDASI "Barbarian Brain Tar"

split tape, hand-made stickers, pro-printed b/w cover

Both bands play quite similar music. The last studio recording of Fantasticheskaya Zhaba (in fact unfinished: no vocals have been recorded) is more sludge-oriented, while the side by the Estonians (which is a live recording) is a bit noisier.

ФАНТАСТИЧЕСКАЯ ЖАБА "Кровавый квадрат"/EDASI "Barbarian Brain Tar" ФАНТАСТИЧЕСКАЯ ЖАБА "Кровавый квадрат"/EDASI "Barbarian Brain Tar" ФАНТАСТИЧЕСКАЯ ЖАБА "Кровавый квадрат"/EDASI "Barbarian Brain Tar"

LXXXVIII  ЗЛОЙ ПОП "Я Чюдовище Арое"

grey cassette, yellow box, craft paper cover

Though already presented at Evil Pop Gig on the 23rd of March, 2017, our Copies have become available only in a few Days later. We proudly announce a new Technology us'd in this Tape: Cassette Engraving, implemented by Sergey Efremov of Post-Materialization Music. Maybe this Tape will remain the only one in the World therewith, for the Engraver hath been fir'd.

ЗЛОЙ ПОП "Я Чюдовище Арое" ЗЛОЙ ПОП "Я Чюдовище Арое" ЗЛОЙ ПОП "Я Чюдовище Арое"


recycled cassette, with Post-Materialization Music and Gus Records under agreement with Monopolka

Unreleas'd early XXI Century Tape of Monopolka (dubb'd as EthnoMonopolka 71) with original unpublish'd Covers. Full Name on the Cover readeth as L'Afrique Noise Frustree Kinshasa Sex Machine.



recycled cassette, b/w printer cover

Includeth one Concert in Ljubljana and 4 in St. Petersburg (at Old School Bar — the first Gig of the new Incarnation of the Band, two at Summer Bar and one at Ionotheca).


LXXXV  GOOSLEY NOISE "Live in Sarajevo and other weird Places"

cassette with (for) Jesus, b/w printer cover

Includeth 4 live Concerts from the Year 2010 AD Eastern Europe Tour. This Tape (as well as the next one) hath been releas'd specially for the Supernoise Festival in Aarhus, Kingdom of Denmark in February 2017, so the Label is call'd Stauropygial Records in Exile.

GOOSLEY NOISE "Live in Sarajevo and other weird Places"

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